Antique Foreign trade glass will be now gaining popularity more than ever. These pieces will be now gaining much because of its increasing value. This is probably why they responding to vintage perfume bottles is a must.There are actually just three main things to do when taking care of it; segregation, proper storage, metal and gem maintenance . Segregation includes being able to organize the bottles. There are three ways that you can organize your collections, assuming that these are all empty. You can organize by era like Victorian or Art Deco . You can also organize them according to the size. There are some that are cut into regular sized or mini bottles. Another way to segregate the antique perfume atomizers is according to the place say, Czech, France or England.

Proper storage is also imperative. Storage place does not has to be highly-priced, there are actually some common things in our households which can house our vintage perfume bottles. Now, these are things that are in almost every home. At the same time, the bottles can be segregated in any way . Primarily, the storage area should be dry and with less light. Moist can cause some of the Price of foreign trade glass to moist also. Light, on the other hand, may affect the color of the bottles. In some cases, the perfumes should also be stored in areas that are virtually like in a vacuum . Since the bottles are also of different sizes, then, you have to make sure that you have storage places for each kind. There are regular sized vintage perfume bottles that can be stored in hanging spice racks. Just make sure that the racks are enclosed and are not facing the direction of the sunlight.

Smaller pieces or mini vintage perfume atomizers can be stored either in the spice racks also or in ice cube makers in a separate drawer. There are also some mini vintage perfume bottles that can fit into jewelry organizers. Some mini vintage Lotion bottle are usually around rings design and style, for instance necklace plus arena. The best storage would be in cloth accessory organizers . Metal and gem maintenance, on the other hand, are done in some vintage stores. These can also be done by some modern metal restoration shops. Gold and silver can be stored into shining pieces, while the crystals can be restored to remove the discoloration and scratches. This is true for mini vintage perfume bottles.